NY Times Article: A Botanist in Swedish Lapland

Go to BAEE's Facebook page to read an article about Carl Linnaeus, the botanist who devised the binomial naming system (genus and species) for organisms, including both plants and animals.

Watercolor of reindeer herder's hut in Lapland with wind-swept grass and a German Shepherd-type dog resting in the foreground
A Sami reindeer herders’ hut on Lake Virihaure in Padjelanta National Park. Painting by James Prosek, courtesy of the artist and Schwartz-Wajahat, New York.


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Tradescant Exhibition Reception

On June 13, 2017, BAEE members Eileen Malone-Brown, Karen Ringstrand, and Mary Page Hickey attended the opening reception for the Tradescant Exhibition in London. Eileen’s husband, Dale Brown, took the photos shown here.

View from across the street from the Garden Museum
The Garden Museum’s opening sign banner hanging on a fence. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
Photo of the entrance to the Garden Museum with a very tall rust-colored vertical sign
People entering the Garden Museum for the opening reception. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
Photo of the new cloister garden and Tradescant's crypts
The new Cloister Garden. In the foreground and in the background near themfence are the crypts for the Tradescants. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
View inside the refurbished church with stained glass windows
View inside the refurbished church that is the Tradescant's Orchard Museum. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
Photo of framed watercolor painting of a pear
Pear by Mary Page Hickey on display at the Tradescant's Orchard Exhibition. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
Framed watercolor painting of two peaches
Peach by Karen Ringstrand on display at the Tradescant's Orchard Exhibition. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
Photo of framed watercolor paintings of Norton grapes. One includes a Baltimore Oriole and one includes a moth and a caterpillar.
Norton Grapes by Margaret Farr (left with a Baltimore Oriole) and Bonnie Driggers (right with a moth and a caterpillar) on display at the Tradescant's Orchard Exhibition. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
Photo of a framed watercolor painting of a strawberry plant
Fragaria virginiana (Virginia strawberry) by Eileen Malone-Brown on display at the Tradescant's Orchard Exhibition. Photo credit: Dale Brown.
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Reception for Tradescant’s Orchard exhibition – June 13 in London, England

Checkout Katherine Tyrell's article about the Tradescant's Orchard exhibition at The Garden Museum. She includes a video of all the paintings.

The Tradescants' Orchard is a contemporary exhibition comprising watercolours by fifty eminent botanical artists is to be staged alongside a display of ‘The Tradescants' Orchard’, a seventeenth-century volume of sixty-six watercolours depicting fruit varieties that John Tradescant and his son might have grown in their market garden at Lambeth.

Katherine Tyrell

The exhibition opened in May and will remain on display until sometime in September. These BAEE members have paintings in the exhibition: Karen Ringstrand, Mary Page Hickey, Eileen Malone-Brown, Margaret Farr, Barbara Jaynes, and Bonnie Driggers.

Collage of modern artists depiction of Tradescents' fuit.
Paintings in the exhibition include the pineapple by Lesley Ann Sandback, Norton Grapes by Margaret Farr, Pears by Pearl Bostock, Peaches by Karen Ringstrand, Pear by Mary Page Hickey, and Damson by Penny Price.
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Cactus & Succulents Plant Sale June 10 at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Saturday, June 10, 10 am – 4 pm
Meadowlark Botanical Gardens
9750 Meadowlark Gardens Court,Vienna, Virginia 22182

Visit Meadowlark Botanical Gardens for a unique kind of plant and garden sale! Cactus and Succulents plants are known for being low maintenance and deer resistant – a great combination! The Cactus and Succulent Sale, hosted by the National Capital Cactus and Succulent Society, will be held in front of the Meadowlark Visitor Center and will offer a great variety of interesting plants.

Photo of a variety of succlent plants
Display of succulents for sale at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.

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A Special Offer for BAEE Book — Buy One, Get One Free

Image of the Book Cover dust jacket - Inglett Publishing
Dust Jacket for American Botanical Paintings Native Plants of the Mid Atlantic.
Take advantage of this two-for-one special offer that continues throughout the month of June. The cost is only $39.95 plus shipping. Designed for artists, gardeners, and plant lovers everywhere, this beautiful book makes an ideal gift for any occasion, and a fine addition to your own library of botanical art.

Forest floor watercolor image of mountain woodsorrel and ferns
Oxalis-Montana (Mountain Woodsorrel), watercolor © Carol Woodin.
The hardcover book contains 60 reproductions of original paintings and drawings of native plants and 40 original paintings of butterflies, moths, and other pollinators, many of which are found all across the United States. Brief text describes the plants’ habitats and includes relevant information about plant families and ways in which Native Americans and early settlers used the plants, as well as their importance in the ecosystem. With ASBA’s upcoming Botanical Art Worldwide project, this book can provide examples of fine portrayals of native plants.

This special offer can be found here: Starbooks.biz

Published by BAEE, a nonprofit corporation, all profits from its sale are being used to support grants for native plant education, conservation, and horticulture. This special offer benefits ASBA as well as BAEE.

Thank you for your support.

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